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"The Remedy is a natural progression from the ska band Rehab, which existed for 18 years. We decided to move on from the high energy of Ska to a more laid back, jazzy and blues feel, perfect to chill to."

- Livvy & Col 2023.


There is so much great music to play. We've played festivals around the country with our Ska band Rehab and as we get older, have decided to tackle the more laid back, lounge style music loved by everyone. Great ballads, well-known jazz and blues standards, memorable soul and of course, lots of Amy Winehouse, particularly from her first album, Frank.

The Remedy has a relaxed, chilled set list with a volume that won't make your ears buzz, but will make you feel dreamy with a sense of calm. Think of it as meditation for your ears.

With experienced, locally well-known musicians you can be assured of a gig to remember.



Livvy has been singing for over 30 years and is a well-known vocalist in Petersfield and the surrounding area.

She started her singing career in London in a number of bands and as a session recording artist before moving to Petersfield some 20 years ago.  That's when, with husband Col she started Rehab and has since sung at a large number of festivals, including Victorious, Wickham, Foodies, Bikers on the Farm and Petersfield.

She has a distinctive, smokey voice which lends itself perfectly to jazz, blues and soul.

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Col started playing the sax in his 30's, but he's so old he's now been playing longer than most.  The past 20 years has been in Hampshire, prior to this he was in a number of London-based bands and played at The Hurlingham Club and the world famous 100 Club in Oxford Street amongst others.

A lover of all music but a passion for ska, blues and jazz - anything that needs and respects the sax, he started Rehab with Livvy 20 years ago.

The Remedy offers the chance to play without a microphone or earplugs and, most importantly, focus on ballads he loves playing.


Sam is our new guitarist who comes with bags of experience, having spent over 10 years working as a guitarist on major luxury ocean liners.



Joe is a professional musician and music teacher, Petersfield born and bred.

He plays bass in Rehab, but is also an accomplished guitarist and keyboard player, in fact Joe can play just about anything in any style.

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